Are You On Instagram?

Are You On Instagram?

Instagram "no photo"

Happy Friday!

I hope your week was successful and eventful. Mine was definitely full of adventure.

We left on Sunday for a road trip from Pasadena to Seattle. We made it here on Wednesday afternoon without too many mishaps and only a couple of sketchy moments. I am busily recapping the trip for Monday’s post.


Have you entered the eye opening world of Instagram?

The cool people call it “Insta” or “IG”. I absolutely love the creativity and fun Instagram brings. It is simple, no politics and it is perfect for all generations. No one cares how old you are, they just want to look at your photos.

I hope to encourage those of you who have not joined who are taking photos on your smart phone. With the IG app on your phone, it is a snap to share a photo.

Because really… If I don’t take a photo did it really happen? Ha!

Take some photos this weekend and share them with us!

My Instagram name (handle) is @suzannestavert If you scroll down on the right hand side of this page I have an Instagram feed of all of my photos. (For those of you reading via email please visit the website.)

Leave your handle in the comments and we can follow you!

Have a great weekend and take a few photos~


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~ Travel Quotes Can Be Inspiring ~

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