An Empty Nester’s Special Place

Welcome back to Angela, a returning Guest Adventurer. In this post Angela shares her special place in her “Empty Nester” home where she finds joy as well as relaxation. A wonderful idea~ The special place that gives an empty nester comfort and solace; this is important. There are many ways to successfully transition into empty […]

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100 Happy Days

100 Happy Days…I like the sound of that. Only positive things can happen when we focus on something that makes us happy, don’t you agree? Recently my daughter sent me a text with a website and a note that said: “Mom, you need to check this out, you will love it and you need to […]

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Fantastic Friday! Celebrate with Craig’s Cosmopolitan Cocktail

In the Empty Nest the word “adventure” takes on a new meaning. Our kids were the primary source of our daily “adventure”, but now we can sit back, reminisce about those adventures and create some new ones. Every day is a new beginning and I encourage you to ponder what makes you happy and what will […]

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How One Defining Moment Can Change Your Life!

September is a great time for a fresh start. Even though I don’t have kids at home now, September and Back to School has always signified “new beginnings” for me. Over the past three weeks, Kim Acedo, a virtual health and wellness coach, has been sharing her inspiring ideas about how we can reinvent our health. […]

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The AARP’s New Tech Product “RealPad” is the Real Deal

September 4th was a day of firsts. I attended my very first AARP event called Ideas@50+ in San Diego, CA. I was not sure what to expect and I found that it completely surpassed my expectations. This is not your mother’s AARP any longer and I was impressed. Ideas@50+ was filled with enlightening, important information and exhibits that included […]

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Los Angeles Times “The Taste” – Another Culinary Adventure!

Delicious food + handcrafted cocktails + Hollywood = A Creative Culinary Adventure! Over the Labor Day Weekend, we enjoyed a special culinary adventure in Los Angeles. The Los Angeles Times event called The Taste, was held on the backlot of Paramount Pictures Studios in Hollywood, CA and was absolutely fabulous in EVERY way. Chefs, restaurants, food writers and […]

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eat healthy

“Eat This, Don’t Eat That”: What Are We Supposed To Believe?

Here is Part Two of “Four ways to reinvent your health and THRIVE!” Kim, a virtual health and wellness coach shared with us how if we can turn our attention to Sleep, Food, Mood and Exercise, we can successfully improve our overall wellbeing. Today we focus on how challenging it can be to decide what we should be eating.  […]

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Adventures in Seattle: The city that kidnapped our daughter

In 2006 our lovely daughter and oldest child, left for college 1,000 miles away to the home of The Space Needle, Amazon, Grey’s Anatomy, and the world famous Pike Place Market in Seattle, Washington. A spectacular view of Downtown Seattle from Alki Beach  That conniving city kidnapped her, kept her superbly happy and did not encourage her to return home. Alex spent four […]

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Q: How do we find joy in our lives? A: We must look for it.

  Joy is the emotion of great delight or happiness caused by something exceptionally satisfying Life is what we make of it. We all have challenges and quite often most people will not share the struggles they may be suffering. Someone said to me recently that their life was joyless. I was surprised and saddened by her comment, from the outside her life seemed wonderful. Initially I didn’t know […]

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Four ways to reinvent your health and THRIVE!

Welcome Kim! Our newest Guest Adventurer who is a virtual health and wellness coach for women.  Kim shares with us how if we can turn our attention to Sleep, Food, Mood and Exercise, we can successfully improve our overall wellbeing. Four ways to reinvent your health, I love that idea, don’t you? Greetings! My name […]

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