The Downsize Stage Two: Join us to follow this adventure as we renovate our new “nest”.

The empty nester downsize move is complete, we have done our best to sift through the boxes, achieved some semblance of order and are ready to begin to plan the renovation. We even have a hashtag to help you follow our new “nest” adventure! #newnestadventure Architect Georgie Kajer, of Kajer Architects, who came highly recommended, is the […]

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Empty Nest Downsize Update: A walk in the Lower Arroyo Seco Natural Park

While exploring our new neighborhood on our daily walk, we have found some beautiful places to enjoy nature. Our recent move and downsize to a smaller, much older home is now described as our “rightsize” move. Our new city, Pasadena, is 75 miles miles away from the beach community where we lived for 23 years and it has […]

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Empty Nester Downsize: The Challenges of Moving Into a New “Old” House.

If you have been following along, in the last week my husband Craig and I have sold our larger home by the beach and have moved to another much older home 75 miles away to be closer to our family. Additionally, the new (but very old) home needs a great deal of renovation and we […]

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It’s Called the Empty Nest and it is a Syndrome

Please welcome our newest Guest Adventurer! Cinthia Milner  Horticulturist, Writer, Believer Cinthia is a trained horticulturist who works as a garden coach, speaker, educator and writer at a local, independent garden center in Asheville, NC. She writes for magazines, and newspapers but enjoys her blog writing the most at, where she writes about the […]

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The Empty Nester Downsize: We now call it “rightsize”

The Empty Nester Downsize Maybe it is because I am knee deep in an empty nester downsize, but I am now hearing from e-nesters everywhere who have already successfully completed this same adventure. They are telling me: “Been there done that” and many of them have done it several times. My generation is selling their […]

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2015 is a New Year to Find Adventure

 Be inspired. Try something new. Dream. Don’t you just love this color green? Does it’s vibrant message of new growth make you smile? We know that something new and rejuvenating is happening when we see this special color. I see it everywhere now, don’t you? The color can be described as “green tomato” or “green apple” and I have […]

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New Year’s Day: An Adventure at The Rose Parade

Each New Year’s Day, people from around the world tune in to Pasadena, California, home of the Rose Parade and Rose Bowl Game. It is a tradition that is more than a century old – a festival of flowers, music and sports unequaled anywhere else in the world. It’s America’s New Year Celebration, a greeting to the […]

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The Magic of Christmas in San Francisco

The true meaning of Christmas we carry in our hearts, but the magic of Christmas in San Francisco is a wonderful sight to behold! This spectacular coastal California city manages to capture the splendor of the holidays and we are fortunate to live just an hour plane ride away. Craig and I try to get away for […]

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“The Other Talk”: Changing the Conversation about Postmenopause

After we reach age 50, are there still some things that mom knows best? Well, as you’ll see in this funny video “The Other Talk”, the answer is a resounding YES, especially when it comes to postmenopause. “The Other Talk” uses the premise of ‘the talk’ recognized as a cultural event in life where mothers […]

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Empty Nester Downsize: The Ultimate Adventure

As you may be aware, I am the ultimate advocate of adventures, the #findadventure promoter, the supporter of new ideas and the author of the Inevitablitlty of Change. It is now time that I take some of my own advice. But what if this change is something so big and life altering that life as you know it will never be […]

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